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Facebook is a most popular social network which uses milions of people around the world. Because of that it is very easy to reach to new customers using facebook marketing. It is very important that you have profesional looking facebook page and that you have great visual content. Every facebook marketing campagin must have unique algoritham that is set tu display ads only to people who will convert.


We have 10 years of experiance in facebook marketing, and we'll make profesional facebook marketing campagin just for you. We'll exlopre who is your target group and we'll display ads only to these people. Whith this method you'll increase your bussines.

We can manage your Facebook page and we can manage all yours customers support. We have team just for customers support where we have 20 team menber who speaks english language. If you want our offer for customers you can contact us via email: info@xxlclass.com or via phone: +387603340772 and we'll send you our best offer.

We offer you this three standard packages of Facebook marketing


250 EUR / month
  • Graphic design
  • Adjusting algorithms
  • Detail targeting
  • Reach up to 50 000 people
  • 1 marketing champaign


1200 EUR / month
  • Graphic design pro
  • Making a video ad
  • Adjusting algorithms
  • Detail targeting
  • Reach up to 250 000 people
  • 5 marketing champaigns