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Refresh your current websites

If you have the old website which is not update to new web standards then it is time to redesign the website. The websites must have redesign every two ot three years. Reason for this is that every three of four mounth we have new design concepts and trends. If your webiste is now modern and in trend in two or three years it will not be modern and in trend.


Why is imporatnt that website must be in trend and be well designed? The visitors are improve their demands about websites and design every day. The website must follow the user demands. If you have great product but your webiste is poor deisgned than visitors will not be engaged and they will not look for information about your product or offer. That information visitor will look for on yours competitors moder looking website and they will most likely purchase their product.

Nowdays 80% of trafic is coming from mobile devices and if yours website is not well designed for mobile devices you'll loose most potential customers.

Our team offers you redesign of yours websites and web apps. We work with all new web standards and newest code basis.

If you want we can create offer for you. To get ours offer you must contact us via this email: info@xxlclass.com or via phone: +387603340772 (on this nuber we use Viber and WhatsApp). In the email or phone call you provide us som basic info about your website and your demands. After that we'll send you our best offer.